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Inspired by the ice furniture set which my house is currently sporting I ventured online looking for an Elsa gown QR code and when I couldn’t find one I made one a little bit and here it is yes.

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a VERY important chart, this is.

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Mixed Brick Paths + Garden Stone (source)

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I’m back again with another shoot that I did with a friend no long ago. This is the second time I have worked with Yaeun since last year April. Despite the difficulties and disturbance, we managed to snap some impressive shots which I have decided to display here on my blog. 

Head over to www.officialyunha.blogspot.com to see many more of what Yaeun has to show! 

We may also collaborate sometime again but we are not too sure of when that will be. 

There will be another post up within an hour. Stick around.


I completely forgot to upload these last week. Oh well, this is a shoot I did with my little sister-like friend last week at a Japanese Garden. It was great fun and very hot. Had to take a break for three hours until we could get some good sunlight too. Tammy was a challenging person because she loves to muck around. We have some behind the scenes photos, which I will upload another time! 


Post 2 of 2!

part 1 

Last part of Mami’s dress, as well as Madoka and Homura’s dresses!


Many of you wanted the “drawet dress” (if you look at my mayor arts, it’s the dress I wear, pink one)

I made these so please do not claim them as your own. ^_^ Feel free to scan.


Disney’s Frozen “Let it Go” town tune and Elsa dress!! *only the town tune was made by me, I don’t know who the creator of the dress is


A recolor of that coat/scarf combo I posted a while ago. This one matches my hat and is more wintery.

If you wear any of my silly things in game I’d love to see it :D

I tag all the qr stuff I made with #llqr if you want to see past things I’ve made!


OH WOW. [source]

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This use to be a tumblr shared amongst four girls, hence the name of the tumblr and our names below.

Michelle: Summer
Marie: Autumn
Kimbo: Winter
Oanh: Spring

I'm (Marie) the active user of this tumblr and now it has become my own. :P I would change the name but I feel like it'll lose its authenticity.

Do enjoy what you see or read on here. The contents of this tumblr consist of many things that relate to JPOP Culture and possibly a bit of life; not so much though. Enjoy~!

This tumblr is something for me to keep myself entertained however, I do have a blog: http://please-stay-with-me.blogspot.com I blog occasionally due to my tight schedule.

Do visit these sites:

JENESYS Student of 2011.

instagram: shizukachuu



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