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That would actually be very terrifying. 8D;;


That would actually be very terrifying. 8D;;

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This use to be a tumblr shared amongst four girls, hence the name of the tumblr and our names below.

Michelle: Summer
Marie: Autumn
Kimbo: Winter
Oanh: Spring

I'm (Marie) the active user of this tumblr and now it has become my own. :P I would change the name but I feel like it'll lose its authenticity.

Do enjoy what you see or read on here. The contents of this tumblr consist of many things that relate to JPOP Culture and possibly a bit of life; not so much though. Enjoy~!

This tumblr is something for me to keep myself entertained however, I do have a blog: http://please-stay-with-me.blogspot.com I blog occasionally due to my tight schedule.

Do visit these sites:

JENESYS Student of 2011.

instagram: shizukachuu



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